Where to buy Thierry Mugler: You can purchase Thierry Mugler perfume at Amazon. I've heard people pronounce it as it looks - with emphasis on the "er" -, and also with an accent of sorts that sounds like the 'ei" in "neighbor" or "weigh" (i.e. You've got the pronunciation of thiery mugler right. Does anybody know (if there is one) what the right way to say it is? How to pronounce Thierry Mugler: It is pronounced tee-air-ee mu-glare. Seems like your pronunciation of MUGLER is not correct. Thierry Mugler translation and audio pronunciation Keep up. muglay). Oops! You can try again. You can try again. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Join Date Feb 2010 Location Spain Posts 3,763 . Thierry Mugler - Manfred Thierry Mugler (French pronunciation: [tjɛʁi myɡle]; born 21 December 1948) is a French fashion designer. What happened to Thierry Mugler's face? You've got the pronunciation of MUGLER right.

Oops! Josephine Skriver wears looks from the Thierry Mugler archives ahead of the opening of the MMFA’s Thierry Mugler: Couturissime Black crepe bulb dress with a …

26th May 2011, 10:50 AM #63. blackened . Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Thierry Mugler in English, French with native pronunciation. Seems like your pronunciation of thiery mugler is not correct. Thierry is a french name, so it should be pronounced like: "Tee-airy" Currently wearing: Dunhill Icon by Dunhill. I've always felt perplexed over this subject. He underwent facial reconstruction following a serious accident at the gym that completely smashed his face.

Keep up. So IMHO his name should still be pronounced like the austrian original: "Moo-glare".