Emily "Em" Davis is one of the eight main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. The victims of an ancient curse placed on Blackwood Mountain, the Wendigo are humans possessed and transformed by the Native American spirit of the same name - the direct result of having resorted to cannibalism while on the Mountain. From Dusk till Dawn is a 1996 American action horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. of seasons: 1: No. Until Dawn; Genre: Reality television: Starring: Ornella Fleury; Alban Ivanov; Ahmed Sylla; Country of origin: France: Original language(s) French: No. The Wendigos are the main antagonists of the 2015 video game Until Dawn. Taken from the Companion App: Good looking, smooth as silk, and silver-tongued, Mike is the resident ladykiller. … Mike is one of the eight main protagonists of Supermassive Games' Until Dawn. Endings.

Emily is a young Asian-American woman with above shoulder-length black hair and light brown eyes. He was voiced and motion-captured by Brett Dalton, who is well known for portraying Grant Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last Edited: 14 Jan 2016 7:15 am. Page Tools. Until Dawn Wiki Guide. She has an olive complexion and a small birthmark above her right eyebrow. Top Contributors: Max Roberts, Vampire Horde, Xlr8games + more. It stars Harvey Keitel , George Clooney , Tarantino, and Juliette Lewis . After enjoying financial success at the box office, it has since become a cult film . She was voiced and motion captured by actress Nichole Bloom. Système de jeu. Last Edited: 19 Oct 2015 4:19 am. Until Dawn Basics Episode # 420 Length 5:20 Date 2015-09-30 Reviewed Until Dawn Links Escapist Escapist YouTube Youtube Extra Punctuation How to Make A Slasher Video Game This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Until Dawn. Page Tools.

Transcript I have a soft spot for the slasher movie. Chapter 5. Top Contributors: Max Roberts, Vampire Horde, Xlr8games + more. Until Dawn là một trò chơi điện tử thuộc thể loại lựa chọn tương tác kinh dị sinh tồn được phát triển bởi Supermassive Games (Anh Quốc) và phát hành bởi Sony Computer Entertainment độc quyền cho hệ máy PlayStation 4, ra mắt toàn cầu vào cuối tháng 8 năm 2015. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood est un jeu vidéo de type survival horror et tir à la première personne développé par Supermassive Games et édité par Sony Interactive Entertainment, sorti en 2016 sur PlayStation 4.. Il s'agit d'un jeu dérivé d'Until Dawn et adapté à la réalité virtuelle sur le PlayStation VR. Choosing the Ending . Until Dawn Wiki Guide.

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