Key features Explore a vast and beautifully dilapidated city. S. Experienced Rooftopper/ Urbex looking for a partner that lives in or near Bromley, Kent to go on madnesses. Welcome to - 28DL - The UK Urban Exploring / Urban Exploration / Urbex Forums. To help gamers understand your hardware when compared to Urban Explorer, review these system performance analysis charts, that GD Premium Members can access, for Urban Explorer. Read More » Urban Exploration. Noteworthy Reports. Use nitro when you feel you're stuck. New posts UE Site Reports and Discussions. Urban Explorer Urban Explorer Game Description Drive over planks & barrels as you try to grab all the stars. Explore abandoned buildings, top secret facilities and catacombs, as well as places still in use, such as engine rooms, elevator shafts and abandoned building floors. Threads 87 Messages 2.7K. This will be a short horror game with vibes from sweden.

... Urban Explorer is a first person perspective exploration game with parkour mechanics and horror elements. Home Forums GBAtemp Game Center Urban Explorer. Fact sheet, game videos, screenshots and more - The Independent Video Game Community. Threads 87 Messages 2.7K.

Urban Explorer. This is a game that brings out the former beauty of a derelict city by putting the player in compromising situations and gives the everyday gamer a chance to become an urban explorer. About the game Me, as the urban explorer will be really happy to play this game ;) I will test the game if it is fun and how much it has in common with urbex (which I know from the real life ;) ) Showing 1 - … Shedload, Bristol April 4, 2020 No Comments Located below the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bristol this detention tank was built in the late 80’s/early 90’s to cope with any.

Recent Explores. Abandonment, Dereliction, Decay. You play as a highschool teenager who sets out with his 2 friends on a weekend to explore the abandoned Hällnäs sanatorium in the vast swedish backcountry of Västerbotten.