How old is marianna proestou. Why is Hitler’s Ardennes campaign called the battle of the Bulge? The battle was militarily defined by the Allies as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, which included the German drive and the Allied effort to contain and later defeat it. The Allied Advance and the Battle of the Bulge By the summer of 1944, the Allies were on the advance and ready to push through Occupied France and into Nazi Germany. The battle initially named "Operation Watch on the Rhine".Got it's name partly to the facts. Why was the battle of bulge called the battle of bulge? Unanswered Questions. The Germans thought they could create a "Bulge" in the allied lines. The Battle of the Bulge lasted until Jan. 25, 1945. The phrase Battle of the Bulge was coined by contemporary press to describe the way the Allied front line bulged inward on wartime news maps. Battle of the Bulge, also called Battle of the Ardennes, (December 16, 1944–January 16, 1945), the last major German offensive on the Western Front during World War II—an unsuccessful attempt to push the Allies back from German home territory. Twenty thousand American soldiers were killed, 20,000 were captured and 40,000 were wounded. The Germans thought they could create a "Bulge" in the allied lines. In 1944, the Nazis launched a huge counterattack in the Ardennes region in Southern Belgium, aimed at bringing the Allied advance on Germany to an abrupt halt.