Who we are

Born in 2011 and based in Lyon, France, GFactory is at its origins a collective of artists who specializes in graphical outsourcing, in the fields of video games, movies, figurines and advertising.
Since September 2015, our structure has evolved and GFactory is now a limited company working for clients in France and abroad, where the quality and reliability of its services is always appreciated.
Our team is made up exclusively of senior freelance artists with 4 to 20 years of experience and will support you throughout your projects’ graphic design production period.
This configuration allows for great reactivity and for very popular flexibility: whether you need a single artist or an entire team, we’ll be there to meet your needs at the earliest opportunity.
We put our know-how and expertise at your service for a collaboration based on trust, quality, timeliness and assurance that the final product will meet all your expectations.
Many studios have already approached us to participate in very important and sometimes award-winning projects so, why not you?

What we do

• Concept Art for Characters, Environments, Weapons and Vehicles
• Trading cards, Marketing and Covers
• Storyboard
• Full pipeline for real time 3D assets (characters, props…)
• HD modeling for advertising, cinematic…
• Rigging and Animation
• HD sculpt for 3D print and quick prototyping
• Training and school workshops